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Personal Accident Insurance and Its Benefits

Unforeseen events can wreak havoc in the life of an individual irrespective of the age of the person. Any individual can meet with an accident at the work place, while driving, during natural calamities etc. A personal accident can affect your earning capability very adversely and can render you helpless. It can result in death and even permanent disability. The medical expenses and the emergency transportation costs during such times can make you bankrupt and can put you under a lot of debt. There is thus a requirement for every individual to be prepared for the future and to face any unforeseen contingencies boldly.

A Personal accident insurance prepares you for any such an eventuality and covers most of your expenses during a mishap. It’s a policy in which an individual pays regular premium to an insurance company as per the chosen plan and in case of injury or death of the individual the prefixed compensation is paid by the company to the individual or to his appointed nominees. In case of an accident, personal accident policy covers you for:
  • Death due to personal accident- In case of death of the policy holder, the sum assured is paid to the next of kin by the company depending on the cause of the death. Some of the companies give some additional benefits also.

  • Permanent total disability- Any accident which results in making you incapable of earning your living is permanent total disability.

  • Permanent partial disability- Any accident which partially impairs your ability to earn a living.

  • Temporary total disability - Any accident which results in making you incapable of earning your living for a temporary period.

  • Medical expenses- During the course of recovery from an accident or illness, medical expenses will be involved on account of hospital fees, medicines, consultation fees etc

  • Children’s education bonus, if that is part of the policy- Some of policies have an added clause to provide for the expenditure on children’s educational in case of the demise of the policy holder.

Policies and plans vary from company to company, each providing its unique set of benefits to its clients, some of the companies even customize the benefits as per the requirement of the client.

How to Get a Personal Accident Insurance Policy ?

An individual’s age and profession have a direct bearing on the pricing of the premium of the personal accidentinsurance plan. Before you buy a Personal Accident Insurance Policy for yourself, you should compare Personal accident insurance and get quotes offered by the different companies Buying a policy online is a very good option and saves a lot of time. It becomes easy to compare personal accident insurance policies when you are buying it online as most of the better offers and discounts are readily available on the company web sites. The form filling is simple and the payment is instant.

The other advantage of buying an online policy is to enjoy comparative analysis between various plans and policies offered by different insurance companies. There are many portals that offer a lot of information about different policies and allows the client to go through the myriad plans and get quotes offered by various companies, helping them to make a judicious decision. One such company is InsuringIndia.com which offers the widest choice of insurance policies in this space, and with the most competitive rates also. InsuringIndia is committed to giving the maximum benefit to its users.

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