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  • Dogs are insured against death due to accident and/or diseases contracted during the period of insurance subject to usual terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy.

  • Death of Dog by disease or accident.

  • Dogs of indigenous origin, cross-bred and exotic breeds are covered under the insurance.

Pet Insurance Coverage (Brochure)

New Policy

  • Pet medical insurance is essentially a risk mitigation strategy for guarding against significant medical expenditure for treatment of sick or injured pets.

  • Normal identification marks and breed, sex, age etc., should be clearly described in the Veterinary Certificate.

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  • It is not mandatory to enter this code.
  • By entering this code, we at insuringindia will be able to better assist you with your policy.
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New Policy

  • Pet medical insurance plans in India normally provide coverage for death from disease, disability and sickness. Insurance coverage is also extended for public liability and accidental death of pets.

  • With a surge in demand for exotic breeds, paying their medical bills can become a costly affair.

  • Pet insurance is slowly but surely catching up in India.

  • We provides you with the detailed information of the product to give the clarity over the plan which suits your requirement.

  • we will help you in selecting the best Dog Insurance policy.