1 I am going to Japan for a one week business trip, should I still take travel insurance?
2 My credit card comes with an accident cover with it, is it of any use to me?
3 I gifted my flat to my sister; however the flat is insured in my name. Can I transfer the policy in her name?
4 Do health insurance policies cover plastic surgery?
5 I am 27 and earn Rs 1.5 lakh per annum and am the only earning member in my family, which has four members. What insurance policy should I opt for?
6 My driver met with an accident and died. There were two personal accident covers taken for him worth Rs 3 lakh and Rs 5 lakh. We want his family to get the claim; will it be restricted to the higher of the two policies?
7 Clubbing family members in an umbrella health insurance plan has advantages
8 I am moving into my own house, where I plan to use the ground floor as residence and the first floor as my office. Will a householder’s policy cover for the entire house or should I take two separate policies to cover each floor?
9 I am buying my first car. Please tell me about the risks covered under a comprehensive car insurance policy?
10 My brother died without changing the nomination done in favour of his wife before their divorce. What will be the validity of the nomination?
11 I am 24 and have just started my career. Should I buy a cover now or should I wait for some more time?
12 I have just taken a life insurance policy for myself. When does the risk cover commence?
13 What does Double Accident Benefit mean in the context of a life policy?
14 I have a second-hand car that I bought three years ago for Rs 2 lakh. I went abroad for six months in which period the insurance cover on the car expired. I want to renew the policy. As the model of the car is no more manufactured; how can I arrive at the value of the car?
15 What is meant by assignment of a life insurance policy? Do I benefit from assigning my policy?
16 I have two term plans from two different insurers, in case of my death during the tenure of the policy; will my dependents get the full claim from both insurers?
17 I am 30 and am a financially illiterate and am looking to get a life and health insurance policy. What is the way to buy these?
18 I have terminated two of the four ULIP policies that I had and have started investing in mutual funds. I want to take a term assurance policy, but I came to know that there is no cover for the first three years in these policies. Is this true?
19 Is there a limit to the number of life insurance policies that I can take?
20 I am 27, earning Rs 7.5 lakh per annum and am the only earning member in my family, which has four members. How much insurance should I take?
21 My annual income is Rs 6 lakh and I have one LIC policy in which I pay Rs 26,000 annually and ICICI Prudential Life Time Gold where I pay Rs 30,000 annually. Are these good policies?
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